Western Power Employment Agreement

20 (i) (ii) (iii) In the event of long-term leave, halve their fees and receive the double payment they would normally have received. Get the salary instead of their right to long service leave. Take half the salary and double vacation only where the company can stay in the requirements of the company. This option is only available for employees with 8 weeks or less of other accrued leave or when another leave is taken in connection with long service leave, resulting in a vacation balance of 8 weeks or less. (e) (f) The right to long-term leave will apply and will apply in accordance with current long service Leave Act 1958 (WA) legislation. For the purposes of this agreement, sub-clauses 22.3, and the corresponding provisions/claims are predominant in the legislation. Where a worker is entitled to long-term leave and has been entitled to long-term leave for more than three years, Western Power may order the worker to take the right within 12 months, unless another agreement has been reached. Note: Western Power may order employees to reduce excessive leave (annual and/or long leave) within 12 months to 8 weeks. This sub-clause does not apply to parental leave and long-term proportional adoption leave Workers, including casuals, who have been employed regularly and consistently for a continuous and systematic period of at least 12 months and who had (but for pregnancy) an appropriate expectation of permanent employment, are entitled to unpaid parental leave from the birth or adoption of a child to be the primary caretaker under the Fair Work Act. If the worker is the primary caretaker, he is entitled to 16 weeks of paid parental leave at birth or adoption of the child, in accordance with the Policy of Western Power to be taken during the 52-week unpaid leave period. This is in addition to any state-funded paid parental leave to which the worker may be entitled. When a worker is entitled to parental leave, he or she may provide the following information: (i) (ii) (iii) extend the duration of unpaid parental leave for first-time caregivers by an additional 52 weeks; the return of part-time parental leave to school age; Extending a new 6-week, unpaid period of 6 weeks for the duration of two weeks of parental leave without basic custody; For the purposes of this sub-clause, Western Power will consider these applications in light of the employee`s circumstances, provided that the claim is effectively based on the worker`s parental responsibility, and will only dismiss the application for reasonable reasons.