Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement Program Guide

This two-page reference card helps partners quickly understand the target groups and models available with the Service Provider License Agreement. Learn more about the main benefits of each comparative agreement scenario. As one of the world`s largest host hosts and developers of hosted technologies, Microsoft offers service providers the opportunity to take advantage of the growing cloud opportunity. As a host, you are ideally positioned to expand the hosted services market using Microsoft`s powerful and user-friendly licensing program, the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). The Microsoft SPLA program offers the licensing rights to host certain Microsoft software and allows service providers and independent software providers (ISVs) to license Microsoft products monthly for a three-year contract period and host those products and solutions for your customers. SPLA licensing is a lucrative opportunity, but service providers who do not have complete expertise in the complexity of portfolio management can spend licenses by spending and under-contributing. At DXC Software Licensing and Management Services (SLMS) Accommodation, we are aware of navigating the complexity of SPLA to ensure that you understand your rights and benefits and that you avoid overpayment. With our experience at your side, you can maximize the value of your SPLA licenses and transform your business beyond your current offerings as hosting service providers. This manual provides an overview of the key features of Microsoft volume licensing programs.

Information is presented by organization type and size – two of the most important keys to determining your best volume licensing option. SPLA is the primary licensing program for all service providers, including DSI SYSTÈMES, that offer their applications as software services to their customers via the cloud or a private network. Microsoft-licensed products are used to provide these services, z.B.: This license manual provides a detailed overview of the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) and how it works. It is designed as a permanent resource for partners throughout the lifecycle of their SPLA. With SPLA, Microsoft has developed a vast hosted service platform, tailored to a multitude of customer needs and expectations. It has also developed a profit engine to maximize pipeline revenues based on a specific participation program.