13Th And Olive Lease Agreement

Hullum ended its letter by saying that all tenants still have full financial responsibility for all the terms of the lease. As all residents surrender the keys to the apartment and transfer unit, the apartment is considered abandoned and all residents are currently late with the lease, he wrote. Capstone is not respecting its lease and the lease is not valid, Moro wrote. This letter states that my clients are evacuating as quickly as possible and expect that all funds paid to your organization will be fully reimbursed after the evacuation. On October 14, returning briefly to the 13th & olive to check their mail, they said that the front lobby was flooded. Water flowed from the ceiling to the front desk, and staff had installed buckets and dehumidifiers. It`s easy to get from your student residence to the 13th & Olive for classes. It`s a 16-minute walk from the University of Oregon, or you can shorten your commute if you`re cycling. Alternatively, it`s a four-minute ride and there`s parking on site.

A manager answered, but it wasn`t my mother who got the call,” Hunter said. I am the one who fishes because he is the guarantor of the lease. It makes no sense for them to call me. Each of the four roommates had paid a $150 bond; a $150 service fee to enjoy the on-site pools, sauna/steam room, and gym; and $684 for September rent. The rent in the complex is structured in 12 identical payments to be paid through the one-year lease. Look at the stakes of 13th & Olive. Life in the city centre is better now! They met with lawyer Laura Fine Moro, who provides legal services through a contract with the OU student government. On foot for classes, dinner, shops? Of course! It`s been more than a month since the roommates terminated their lease, so we`ll soon be talking to our lawyer and then continuing our small claims lawsuit against them,” Trott said. The next day, Tyrel Hullum, director of Capstone, responded by email citing a section of the rental agreement that says that if the unit is damaged and it is not the fault of the tenants or their customers, the landlord will immediately repair the unit and will not charge rent for the time the tenants cannot live there, or to make alternative housing available to tenants. In late September, Shirley Chan, Sophomore of the University of Oregon, had just moved into her brand new apartment at the 13th & Olive, the 1,300-bed complex designed by Capstone Collegiate Communities in downtown Eugene.